If you want to have a fantastic time in Miami Beach, all you need to do is have your own scooter for getting around town. Go where you want, when you want without taxies or trying to find difficult parking for full-size vehicles. Scooters are the way to go when you want to be as close to the action as possible all around the city. And the easiest, most convenient way to get your own scooter rental is by contacting Scotters2U – a new service in Miami Beach that provides concierge delivery and pick up of your reserved scooter door-to-door.Beach Scooter Rentals Miami Beach Florida

How easy is that! Just make your beach scooter reservations online at www.scooters2U.com, choose your delivery and pick up times and locations, then watch for your fun scooter to arrive. You’ll get your snazzy, 2-seater scooter with a full tank of gas, a helmet, and a chain lock for convenient theft protection when and where you choose. Get a quick “get to know you” training and trial use so you know how to operate this user friendly machine and off you go! When you’re done, the Scooters2U concierge service will pick it back up – and you don’t have to worry about a fill-up on the return.

Your rent-a-scooter from Scooters2U will get you from hotel to beach to restaurant to South Beach strip with a lot more fun than a typical taxi or car rental. With the sea breeze blowing through your hair, you’ll be mixing and mingling with the Miami Beach locals enjoying the sun and fun. Scooters2U serves the areas of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Brickell, Midtown Miami, Wynwood, Venetian Islands, Star Island, North Bay Village, and Key Biscayne. If you’re looking for beach scooter rental recommendations, Scooters2U has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and a 4.5 star rating on Yelp with reviews that highlight customers loving the service and the experience of their own beach scooter rentals being delivered to their doors.

Scooters2U has great rates starting at only $54.99 for a daily rental (10am-6pm). You can get an overnight, 24- hour rental for just $74.99, then you get discounts as you rent for longer timeframes – 2 days is only $49.95 for the next 24 hours and the 3rd day is only $34.95 for that additional day. Of course 4-day, 5-day, weekly, 15-day and monthly rentals (at less than $400) are also available. Scooters2U has the best daily and/or weekly scooter rentals in all of Miami Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas. They only require a $200 security deposit in addition to the rental. This deposit is fully refundable less any parking tickets, moving violations, or accident damage, if applicable.

Scooters2U is a rental/delivery service for scooters throughout Miami Beach and the surrounding communities. Office hours are 10:00 to 8:00pm daily, and their main office is located in the Mid-Beach area at 333 W 41st Street, Suite #722, Miami Beach, FL 33140. The phone number if you need to call, or would prefer to reserve that way, is 786-498-7208 and the email is rentals@scooters2u.com. Go to Scooters2U.com and reserve your beach scooter rental today.