When you’re getting around in Florida, one of the most fun and economical ways to do it is by scooter rental. Nothing is better than riding along in the open air with the breeze in your face, feeling the warm sun and smelling the therapeutic salt breezes. It is so enjoyable and convenient, that natives and visitors alike are taking advantage of these little vehicles.Beach Scooter Rentals Wynwood, Florida

Since they have become so popular with everyone, beach scooter rentals have gone through the roof with different rental places popping up all over. But if you want more than the average place, you have to drive in order to get the scooter you want to get around on, it sort of defeats the purpose and makes things somewhat inconvenient.

In response to this gap in convenience and fun, Scooters2U created a concierge rent-a-scooter service like no other. When you place your beach scooter reservations, you’ll be getting not only a sweet little scooter but also free delivery and pick-up service! That’s right – they deliver it to your door and pick it up from the same place – or wherever you choose for no additional charge. It is the kind of convenience you look for and deserve, and Scooters2U believes you should get.

When you make your reservations either by phone or by going online, you just specify the delivery and pick up dates and times then you’ll have a brief wait until your concierge delivery agent arrives with your zippy little Havoc scooter. This two passenger vehicle has a 49cc engine, so it has plenty of power to take you where you want to go around Wynwood and beyond with no problems at all. And talk about no problems – you’ll have zero problems parking with a scooter. So different than trying to find full sized parking spaces for your big SUV or full size car. With a scooter, the sidewalk will work as long as it’s not in a restricted zone (watch for those).

Your scooter comes to you with a helmet (you don’t HAVE to wear it, but it is recommended), a chain and lock to keep it secure when parked, and a full tank of gas. You will be surprised at how far you can go on one little tiny tank of gas on a scooter. Return it full or empty – there is no requirement and no penalty. Your concierge delivery agent will help you get started and go over the basics – it’s so easy to handle you’ll have no problem there either.

You can get your daily and/or weekly scooter rentals in Wynwood, Florida at great prices, too. Just $54.99 for a 10am-6pm daily rental, or $74.99 for a 24-hour rental. Additional 24-hour periods can be added at $44.95 for 1 additional day, and then only $34.95 for each additional day starting with the third day of rental. Great deals for getting around in style. You can even rent these scooters for up to a month.

Call 786-498-7208 or go online at www.scooters2u.com and make your reservations for the best beach scooter rental experience you could imagine!