A fun new service has opened up in the Miami area that will have you scooting around on your own in no time at all. Scooter rental is all the rage in resort towns like Miami, FL so to meet the growing need for scooters, Scooters2U concierge service has been started.

Beach Scooter Rentals South Beach, FloridaScooters2U provides the ultimate in door-to-door scooter delivery and pick up for your convenience. All you have to do is place your beach scooter reservation with drop-off and pick-up dates and length of rental, pay conveniently online, and then have fun zipping around South Beach with your snappy little scooter that handles with ease and parks even easier.

And speaking of easy, a scooter couldn’t be easier to drive. You don’t need a special license or anything – just a regular, non-expired driver’s license is fine. Your concierge drop-off agent will go over some basic techniques and stay with you for a get-to-know your scooter trial run, and then you are off on your own. How cool is that!

You get your two-person rent-a-scooter, a helmet and a full tank of gas – and if you are unaware of how economical scooters are on gas, you’ll be surprised at how far you can go before putting a couple more dollars in the tank. You don’t have to worry about a fill-up with Scooters2U either – return with whatever level and there’s no penalty. Beach scooter rentals are so fast and fun with Scooters2U, you’ll wonder how you ever got around before them.

You can get your daily and/or weekly scooter rentals all in South Beach, Florida for competitive prices too – even with the delivery and pick-up. The daily rental price is only $54.99 which runs the length of the Scooters2U office hours of 10am-6pm. From there, you can rent at 24-hour intervals all the way up to a full month’s rental if you are going to be staying around South Beach for a while. A full 24-hour rental is $74.99 and then for every 24-hour period you add, up to five days, the cost is less than the cost for the original 24-hour timeframe. You get a full five-day rental for only $219.95 – that’s a steal! And the 30-day rental is less than $400. That’s for the whole month, day and night!

From the comfort of your home, hotel or condo – it is so easy to make a reservation and take delivery, and, of course, no additional cost for bringing it to your door. The Scooters2U scooter is a Havoc with a 49cc motor that is fully capable of getting you around South Beach quickly and parking is easy without having to find a full sized parking space. The seats are comfortable and the style is sleek – no frumpy scooters here.

Just call 786-498-7208 or go online for the whole reservation experience at www.scooters2U.com and find out how easy it is to get a scooter delivered and picked up with Scooters2U. You’ll never want to drive your SUV again when you can do Scooters2U beach scooter rentals.