Ten Reasons North Beach Is Miami’s Best Dining Neighborhood

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When it comes to deciding where you want to eat, most people shy away from unassuming North Beach, Miami. If you have been one of these people, you have no idea what you are missing. North Beach is far from the dead dining zone that you might envision. It is a gastronomic experience that you will not find anywhere else.

pasta north beach miami1. Pasta
There is no shortage of pasta restaurants in North Beach. The lobster ravioli at George is not something that you are going to want to miss. And, Café Prima Pasta offers half off your favorite pasta dish if you come in before prime time.

2. Pastries
If it is sweet treats you desire, North Beach is the place to be. Enjoy regional favorites such as pistachio cannoli and ricotta donuts when you visit Dolci di Sicilia. While they may be the newest, they are certainly not the only pastry shop on the block. You can also find quality bakery treats from many other fine bakeries.

3. Buffet
Love buffets? Who doesn’t? Enjoy quality dive bar dining at the Sandbar Lounge. What sets them apart from other buffets in North Beach, aside from the sandy floors? Buy a drink and cruise the buffet for free five nights a week.

feijoada north beach miami4. Romantic Dining Experience
Want to spend some quality time with your significant other? Then enjoy a romantic, French dining experience in the secret garden at Rouge. You can also take advantage of a private dining experience at Lou’s Beer Garden. They have the best crab cakes in a ten-mile radius.

5. Brazilian Sausage and Feijoada
Little Brazil offers you a dining experience that you will not soon forget. Enjoy the best salads created with shrimp, sausage, and palm hearts, covered in wine sauce and dripping with butter. You can also get authentic feijoada — a black bean stew with fresh and dried beef, salted and fresh pork, bacon, sausage, and ribs. Yum!

6. Frozen Yogurt
Have you experienced the “fro-yo life” yet? If you haven’t been to Mimi’s in North Beach, you haven’t. Mimi’s serves the low cal sweet treats that are perfect after a long day at the office or after a good meal. Enjoy watermelon sorbet or white chocolate frozen sorbet topped with any mix of over a dozen exotic toppings.

froyo north beach miami7. Fried Chicken
Mi Colombia Cafeteria y Restaurante, not Kentucky Fried Chicken, is where you want to be when you are craving pollo frito (fried chicken). Except the pollo frito at Mi Colombia comes with beans and rice and a price that is nice. $5 will get you a huge portion of fried chicken that is crisp on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside.

8. Subs
If you want a great sub sandwich, skip Subway and head straight over to Publix. Of course, not all of the locations are equal, but the one in North Beach is well known for its sandwich making capability.

9. Chivitos, Fritas, Churros, Yo-yo
Want to sample more authentic Latin American cuisine? There is one five-block section that makes it possible to get an Uruguayan chivito, a frita straight from Cuba, a late-night churro or a Venezuelan yo-yo.

food truck north beach miami10. Food Trucks
Whatever you do, you cannot miss the culinary experience offered by the local food truck population in North Beach.

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