Do you want to drive around North Beach having more fun than you thought possible? How about doing this with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun beaming down on you? Free – free of confining vehicles that hog gas, cost a lot, and are hard to park. You can do it with beach scooter rentals which have become all the rage across town.Beach Scooter Rentals North Beach, Florida

And there’s a good reason they are so popular – they’re fun! They are really economical as they use a miniscule amount of gas to go farther than you’d imagine. They are easy to handle and maneuver and park. And did we mention they are fun?

Going to North Beach in the Miami area is all about the sun and sand and salt breezes – if you can’t feel that as you get around town, you’re missing a big part of the experience and that is exactly why Scooters2U was created. They wanted everyone to have a way to experience the fun first hand. Even better, they created this rent-a-scooter service that includes door-to-door concierge delivery and pick-up as well – at no additional charge. Very cool!

And they ensure that making your beach scooter reservations will be easy too. You can call the office or go online from the comfort of your living room and get started. You choose the timeframe, dates and times and your concierge agent does the rest. They’ll show up at your specified location with your sweet little Havoc two passenger scooter, a helmet, a chain and lock combination for security when parked and a full tank of gas. You don’t have to do anything except get used to it and go. Your concierge agent will show you how to handle your scooter – all the basics of how to maneuver and park, start and stop – then you’re off and running. Don’t worry about a special license either – all you need is a valid driver’s license.

Driving around town with your powerful, zippy 49cc engine Havoc scooter is liberating. Pull up at the bistro of your choice for the afternoon and don’t drive around and around looking for a parking space – just find an empty piece of sideway curb near the bikes and you’re golden.

You might think all this fun and convenience would cost a mint, but Scooters2U has made it reasonable to get the full North Beach experience. Your daily and/or weekly scooter rentals in North Beach, Florida start at only $54.99 for a 10am-6pm daily rental. You can have your scooter for 24 hours at just $74.99. For the second 24-hour period, you only pay an additional $44.95, and if you get it for 3 days or more, each additional day is only $34.95. Rentals for up to 30 days are available and a month costs less than $400.

Fun at a reasonable price can be a little rare, so call 786-498-7208 or go online at and make your reservations fast. You’ll get the best Scooters2U beach scooter rental experience ever!