When you want to go tearing around town, the last thing you anticipate is being cooped up inside a taxi or the big SUV that brought down from cold climates up North. What you want is to have fun and feel the sun on your face – feel the warm, and inviting breeze and smell the sea. Now you can because now there are beach scooter rentals from Scooters2U.Beach Scooter Rentals Midtown Miami, Florida

Scooters2U is a new scooter rental service that offers concierge drop-off and pick-up of your zippy little scooter. So convenient and easy you’ll be wondering how Miami ever did without this awesome service. Your Havoc rent-a-scooter arrives at your door with a helmet, a chain/lock to keep it secure when you park and a full tank of gas. Your concierge delivery agent will go over the basics of operation and stick with you until you are comfortable with the handling, then you are off and running on your own.

Everyone will be enviously watching as you ride down the boulevard and pull in at the hottest restaurants, able to park where the bikes park with ease – no looking for a full sized parking slot. No wasted time or effort. Your two passenger scooter is powerful with its 49cc engine and it will get you where you’re going quickly but still so easy to handle.

Make your beach scooter reservations online from the comfort of your home, hotel or condo, if you’d like, and complete the transaction online as well. Your beach scooter from Scooters2U will arrive quickly and your concierge agent will discuss your pick-up times as well. Prices are reasonable, too. You can get your beach scooter rental for just $54.99 for a daily rental running during their office hours of 10am-6pm, and this includes the free concierge service!

Going to be around Miami longer than a day or two? No problem because Scooters2U has daily and/or weekly scooter rentals all in Midtown Miami, Florida for your convenience. Your scooter can stay with you 24 hours a day for a month if you need it and still cost less than $400. The 24-hour rentals start at just $74.99 and then you can add additional 24 hour periods at increasingly lower costs – so the second 24-hour rental is just $54.99 per day and from the third day on it is just $34.95 per day. You can rent for 5 full days for only $219.95.

Nothing could be easier or more fun than Scooters2U beach scooter rentals. Some satisfied customers say “The staff at Scooters2U were awesome!”, and “…answered all my questions and made the delivery and pick-up of the scooter a breeze.”

Scooters2U is a rental/delivery service for scooters throughout Midtown Miami and the surrounding communities. Office hours are 10:00 to 8:00 daily, and their main office is located in the Mid-Beach area at 333 W 41st Street, Suite #722, Miami Beach, FL 33140. The phone number if you need to call, or would prefer to reserve that way, is 786-498-7208 and the email is rentals@scooters2u.com. Go to Scooters2U.com and reserve your beach scooter rental today!