Scooter Envy riding down Collins Ave

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Riding down the street with your helmet and sunglasses on, while a beautiful Miami Sunset is looming overhead. The wind wisps through your hair and the sun is giving you that tingly feeling. That’s right you are in South Beach Miami enjoying your vacation the way it was meant to be. Relaxing and taking in all the views that make up the beautiful Miami Beaches. Guaranteed to cause scooter envy to your friends back home and even some of the drivers next to you. Want to help promote scooter envy? Why not snap a selfie while parked at a light? Or even better if you got a rider with you pull out their selfie stick!

Scooter envy on Collins Ave

One drives and one snaps some selfies. Ride a 2 seat scooter today! Any Questions?

Once you ride on a scooter through Ocean Drive and Collins Ave in Miami Beach you will understand why Scooters are the best way to get around Miami Beach. Visit Lincoln Road with ease and even pop in on your friends on the West side of Miami Beach who live at such places like the Flamingo and Mondrian. Find parking with ease and you don’t have to pay those crazy fees like all the cars have to pay to park in Miami Beach that can run you up to $45 a day!

Your vacation will never be the same once you ride a scooter – no more scooter envy.

You will find it to be refreshing and fun with a splash of sunshine and happiness. The scooter’s gas economy also make it a favorite for those trying to keep the environment safe with lower emissions from these bikes. You can fit 2 riders on most bikes and suggest inviting all your friends to join along when renting a bike. It’s more fun riding in groups and great way to explore the town together.

Rent your scooter before your flight to Miami Beach and we will deliver it for free to your hotel when you arrive. We include free gas and helmets with all our rentals. No hidden fees just simply pay your deposit and pay for your rental. We deliver and pick up the scooter for free and once you return the bike you deposit will be released right back to you. Call us or visit to get your scooter rental setup for your vacation. Limited availability and on a first come first serve.


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