Why Rent a Scooter in Miami Beach?

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What a better way to explore Miami Beach with the freedom of a Scooter. The streets in Miami Beach are always busy with traffic and tourists walking around, making it hard for people to get from one point to another in faster time to enjoy what they really want. Rent a Scooter in Miami it provides a faster alternative to getting around town. They are easy to park throughout the streets of Miami Beach compared to a car rental which will incur a hefty parking fee throughout the properties on Miami Beach that allow parking. Saving you on average $200 a weekend.

Explore the beautiful mansions & homes throughout the Miami Beach areas and admire the beauty from within on your own time. No need to hail a cab from place to place. Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive will be just a quick ride away from all the hotels. Enjoy traveling to Downtown Miami to visit the Bayside attractions along with all the cool venues throughout the Downtown and Brickell areas. Visit Key Biscayne with a Scooter and ride along some of the most awe inspiring roads that are part of Miami Florida! No need to spend the crazy money on cabs most people spend while visiting Miami Beach.. average cab ride cost from South Pointe Miami Beach to Fontainebleau Resort Hotel is $40 each way during busy times and to go downtown can run you around $60 each way. Why spend so much when you can rent a scooter for the weekend for only $149.95

Ah and the best reason to rent a scooter in Miami Beach…. the Girls love to ride on them.. So Guys just rent one trust me.. and ladies, make your man get one so you can have fun here!

If you are going to rent a scooter in Miami, why not rent from the best?

Go explore Miami Beach during your vacation and give Scooters2U a call at (305) 674-8338 or book online here.

Scooters 2 U will deliver the bike to your hotel when you arrive in town and they will pick it up when you are done. They have rates as low as $44.95 for a daily rental. $200 deposit required for all rentals upon delivery which will be released upon pickup & inspection of bike. All Rentals include helmet and FREE GAS!!!

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