Scooter vs Car Rental in South Beach Miami

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Why choose a scooter rental over a car rental while visiting South Beach Miami?

Well the answer is simple. Its FUN!
Take an Uber from the airport and when you get to your hotel we will deliver your scooter to you for free.
Why pay to be inside a car all day when you can be out on a scooter taking in all the rays from your sunny vacation here in South Florida. It’s Miami Beach… Why would you want to spend time looking to park a car with the limited parking spaces available when you can be zipping through traffic and get to having fun much faster? I mean if you want a sports car for the weekend to show off that’s cool too but if you want to chill and enjoy life on vacation a Scooter is the way to go. Avoid paying parking fees which can get out of hand in Miami and Miami Beach. The average parking fee in the area is $20 and can add up if you are stopping at many locations throughout the beach during your vacation. A scooter will allow you to ride with freedom to sightsee as you wish. Traffic can get heavy during busy days and a scooter will allow you to zip in and out of traffic getting to your destination much faster. Scooters are much easier to park around town and the fastest way to get around too. No need to spend money on expensive cab rides here and there or rent a car. Save hundreds on your vacation by just renting a scooter and enjoying Miami Beach the way its meant to be.


Enjoying your vacation is now easier with free delivery and pickup of Scooters2U Rentals to all hotels in Miami Beach and Miami area.
Give us a call and reserve your scooter today! Space is limited and is on a first come first serve. Call (305) 674-8338

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